work made by Verena Tcherner and Miloš Vučićević as part of the question me & answer project September / 2020



See also, then, men carrying past the wall implements all kinds that rise 
 above the wall, and human images and shapes of animals as well, 
         wrought in stone and wood and every material, some of these bearers 
                                presumably speaking and others silent.
                 Plato: The Allegory of the Cave p.515
    Our perception that determines certain decisions, is being separated from the truth itself. Impression of reality led through the mechanism of algorithms, creating our collective truths. Defining the shapes and designating beliefs, the information becomes a platform on which we seek new ways of understanding life. Shadows, curtains, projection are all mental barriers we created to desert from our reality. Do we live in the present or do we live the past, those questions entail different modes of understanding.
     Unwittingly we accept all the information that comes to our senses, an innumerous number of them passing, as the shadows passing unnoticed. What gives the shadows their life is nothing more than contradictory, twisted and obscure freedom. More pressure you give them, the more free they become. The information is being falsely interpreted, fabricated, invented, devised, like the pollution of the river. It takes time to clean itself, but if the river is vastly bigger, you never can manage to clean the ocean.
written by Miloš Vučićević