open mind



Open mind                                                                                                                                           video / color / 04.13min / 2014

    OPEN MIND represents a continuance in further exploration of a human need in defining things and reality, in wich I show people as a perfect act of nature, who is in evergrowing repression  of society and the system and starts to fight and frees himself from the decades of long control. It is up to people to create new realities via searching the solution to a certain problem. Reality is the one that becomes totally diferent, much superior and knowledgeable  then it used to be.

In the simple act of bashing a head and discovering a real situation wich is a part of nature, in the nature of human existence is to dig into his own mind. The maker revised scenes  from previous states and starts to divergently think about the problem that comfronts him now. By making the new image of himself he constantly questions his relations between him and the natural order.