System society                                                                                                           sculpture / metal construction / gypsum / 2014

      System society is a work realised during 2014. and it represends one further development of a complete ideological project wich reaches the question of relations in the system. Work as a form cannot be rounded , nor explaine some of the basic questions. But it can start one wierd simulative effect when  we substitute form of the rat  into the form of a man,  man as a expendable, living and innocent creature being, can only watch what happends around him, but not to react. In this context man is a form (wich builds a system or so called firm and stable structure), while he himself because of his physical weakness doesn’t survive he slowly fades.  But on the other hand he himself is a constructor of that world, or better said plays the role of the support and because of that condition I shows him in a form of a foot. Man is inwrought in all the spheres of life and as so he acts on one small field of creative processes , wich he realises during his life.