The Story of Departure                                                                                                                              video / color / dSLRFullHD / 08.11min / 2015

     In order to understand The Story of Departure, we must look at remarkable dialogue between this work and the work of an Belgian artist Francis Alys – who  begins to explore the social concept with some of his most important videos , as with allegorical , socio-political , sociological and psychological motive , talking about a not-so marginalized stories . Dealing with the current , past and future events, he manages from micro visual narrative to force the observers to think and review its role in society , the aspect of the whole society through allegoric rhythm motives and part of contemporary cultural paradigm within the ideological motives of his videos.Co-existence between my and his work actually is quite small , except perhaps for the subject. It is quite a different context now, my motive tells the story of the departure and his motive of deception .

   The Story of Departure is a story about society. A society of every day disappearance in the meaning of existence .This story already takes an aesthetic level. In fact, when we look at the work we think about the beauty , the beauty of nature that surrounds one place , mottled field of natural harmony, which extends through the land leaving impressions of an sunset which gets more positive , optimistic character. Act,  random or not,  disappearance of subjects in the area, respectively animals and a sunsets that assumes the dark period , says one social context in which we can easily point out to the current social events .